12 Aug

On August 9th Canada has announced that it will start receiving visitors who are fully vaccinated. 

Instructions on the government of Canada website explain that the US citizens and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated are eligible to enter Canada immediately while all other international travellers will be allowed to arrive on September 7th.

 Moreover, the The 3-night hotel stopover requirement  has ended for all travellers scheduled to arrive by air after 12:01 A.M. EDT on August 9.

Therefore if you are a non US citizen who wishes to visit Canada  currently , you have to answer few questions on the government of Canada website to determine your eligibility. 

Yet for those who are not vaccinated, Canada is still prohibiting their entry for reuniting with a family member who is not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident or for  leisure reasons such as :

spending time at a seasonal home or cottage

childcare for your relative 

 personal or casual visit

tourism, fishing, entertainment or leisure

Finally if you have you have received your Covid 19 vaccine and wish to travel to Canada , you should fill this web form and CIRC will contact you within 14 days

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