19 Aug

Canadian permanent residents can now apply for citizenship online according to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced and an online tool will allow those interested in being Canadian citizens to apply via internet.

On August 11th IRCC has launched the online portal to applicants over the age of 18.  

However the online application is not possible yet for families,  representatives, nor those who apply from outside Canada being employed by the crown. But IRCC has also added that the application will be available to these groups later this year or the next year. 

It is obvious that the introduction of the new online tool is a part of the effort of IRCC to modernise the immigration system towards being paperless as the Canadian immigration minster Marco Mendicino announced earlier. 

The process was proven necessary after the pandemic forced all government operations to avoid direct contact with the public whenever possible. 

Along other lines of changes, Canada has earlier made citizenship testing available online, and started arranging virtual citizenship ceremonies.

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