11 Sep

Specific types of applicants who submitted their visitor visa application before September 7 are being directed to reapply.
Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has lately posted directions on its website. 

The visa department is asking individuals who are still interested to travel to Canada to send in another application through the IRCC website.

 In particular in case you are  still waiting for a decision and if you want to travel to Canada for one of the below stated reasons:

  • To join relatives living in Canada
  • To make a business trip.
  • For empathetic reasons like going to a burial service
  • Being available during the last moments of a friend or family member's life, or caring for an ill person
  • To join a vessel as a marine crew member
  • To carry out a role as a diplomat or a close relative of a diplomat
  • To deal with the consequences of a casualty of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752.

In case that at this point don't you wish to travel out to Canada you can withdraw your visa application online though there is no guarantee of a refund.

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