25 Apr

Canadian citizenship has great significance due to the great life quality, positive social values, the peacefulness and the rich environment of Canada. In addition to that, the internationally competitive education and free  health care make acquiring Canadian citizenship a dream for many people. Worthy of mention is the strength of the Canadian passport which allows its carriers to travel without applying for a to 105 countries plus. Canadians  can also travel to other 50 countries that only require visa on-arrival. Therefore the Canadian passport is considered the 5th strongest passport around the world. Kids born outside Canada to Canadian citizens are Canadians by default. Nevertheless there is an application process to acquire citizenship for those children. We will explain the steps below. Eligibility One or more parent of the child born outside Canada has to be a Canadian citizen. The Child  is the biological child of the Canadian parent . Adopted kids are not illegible. The parent had become a Canadian Citizen before  the birth of their child. Application process The application can be submitted either online or by mail. But the online option is only available if the parent has become a Canadian citizen on or after 2009. For those who had been citizens before 2009 they have to present a paper based application The application fee in both cases is $ 75. In both the methods. You can start your application by visiting the below link https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/canadian-citizenship/proof-citizenship/apply.html Three main document IRCC investigates is the evidence of parentage which can be proved  by the child's birth certificate. The other essential document is the proof of parent’s citizenship  which is either the Citizenship Card, Citizenship Certificate or Canadian Born Birth Certificate. Once you have presented all required documents, IRCC will send you a recognition of receipt.   Processing time and Urgent Requests The average processing period of citizenship application is currently 17 months. However, there is priority processing for emergency situations if the applicants stated reasons for urgent  

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