25 Apr

Millions of individuals and families have fled war and political unrest to find safety in other countries. But only 1% of these refugees are eligible for resettlement in first world countries. Luckily many displaced persons are educated talented workers who would benefit work market. Today, the The international chamber of commerce, the Canadian government, the Australian government, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Fragomen, Talent Beyond Boundaries, and RefugePoint have all joined forces to launch the Global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility  and Canada acted as its inaugural chair. The program aims at making immigrtion for the purpose of work accessible to more refugees. On the other hand The global Task Force on Refugee Labour Mobility will fill the skill shortage in participating countries. The initiative will help refugees by : Moving them safely to third countries through labour or economic migration programmes Accrediting refugees’ skills, abilities and talents Highlighting how refugees contribute to their new countries, communities and workplaces Making a new talent pool accessible to employers in order  to fill job openings When it comes to Canada’s participation, its Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot supports skilled refugees overseas who can fill specific labour market needs to immigrate to Canada through existing economic programs. The pilot has solid partnerships with a number of stakeholders, such as 8 Canadian provinces and territories, communities, businesses and non-government organizations.  According to the Honourable Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship: “Labour complementary pathways are win-win solutions: they provide refugees and their families with meaningful, additional pathways to protection, while supporting the growth of communities by meeting labour market needs. This initiative builds on Canada’s Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot, which is already helping to increase refugee labour mobility. As Chair of the Task Force for the next 2 years, Canada will work closely with a wide range of partners, including refugees with lived experience, to lay the foundation for implementing innovative solutions worldwide.”  As for the Australian government,  the pilot program Talent Beyond Boundaries aims  at securing skilled refugees and their families  a pathway to live permanently and work in Australia. Under this pilot program, launched in July 2021,  accredited Australian businesses will be able to use a labour agreement to invite skilled refugees to be  

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