01 Jul

Once more 2021 sees a record-breaker when it comes to Canadian immigration since the North American country invited 44, 591 potential immigrants to proceed with their application to the Express Entry program. 

With this number of candidates, the previous record of 44,124 (just from last quarter) was broken quicker then expected. It seems that Canada, a country which values diversity and multiculturalism , is serious in catching up with its target of immigration in 2021 (108,500 new immigrants) after the drop of new comers caused by the Covid 19 travel restrictions.

 Indeed Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has so far issued a wowing 88,715 invitations to apply for permanent residents in 2021. 

In case you do not know, Express Entry is Canada’s most recent system for evaluating immigration applications. It is also the gate that lets to Canada the largest number of immigrants. 

As claimed by CIC express entry sets new comers at good start by making sure they have enough qualifications to compete in Canadian job market. Using this system, foreign nationals can submit a profile to be considered in the Express Entry pool.

 Needless to say, it is a competitive system and  only those who have the highest points are invited to apply. It is to be noted however that there is no fixed minimum benchmark for successful applicants , and since applications stay in consideration for 2 years, a period during which a non regular draw is preformed to choose the most competent applicants, there is a good chance to be chosen if you hold basic education, age and experience qualifications. 

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